Curriculum Picks Introduction

The purpose of the Curriculum Picks is to provide a vetted selection of easy-to-use resources that address the Big Ideas and content/curricular standards of BC’s curriculum.  It is not a list of the best materials available, because (in addition to the other points on this page) what is best for one student may not be best for another. These picks are also available to view in spreadsheet format.

Criteria: "Why THAT Resource?"

These Picks are print options, not digital.

It is a rare thing to find a home education curriculum that aligns to BC standards from a Christian worldview at the proper grade level. This is the ideal but is the exception rather than the rule.

In general, stand-alone resources have been selected. This means that Picks can be used regardless of whether or not the resources in the grade or level prior have been completed, and are specific to the subject area. Picks for the most part are not cross-curricular; exceptions to this have been noted.

The Picks also do not include many of the digital or borrowed resources that are available. For more information about these, please visit our learning commons website.

Curriculum selection is best completed in consultation with the support teacher.

The suggestions listed may not be suitable for every student and should be considered as an option among other options. 

Many typical and popular home education resources do not find themselves on the list of PIcks for the reasons stated on this page. This does not mean that they are not excellent, it just means that they have not met the criteria and purpose for creating a list of Picks.

Priorities for Selecting Resources

For more information, or to request a curriculum consult, please contact your support teacher or email our Curriculum Consultant,

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