10 FAQs for Back to School


1. How do you lease a computer/tablet/iPad? 

Our computer lease program is available. For more information and forms please visit here.
Please note: You must obtain your Teacher's approval in order for the lease request to be processed.

2. How do you purchase new curriculum?

New guidelines have changed how HCOS can process the purchasing of resources from companies that do not accept HCOS PO#s. For more information see here. For a list of vendors which do accept HCOS PO#s please go here.  For more information visit Purchasing Process for Parents.

3. Do Lesson Providers need a Criminal Record Checks (CRCs)?

A reminder to HCOS Parents and all lesson providers: Provincial Regulations now mandate a Criminal Record Check (CRC) for anyone providing lessons to our students. Organizations need only provide a letter, on official stationery, that a CRC Policy for all staff and volunteers is in place.

Individual Lesson Providers MUST have a CRC done through the Ministry of Justice (RCMP CRCs are not acceptable). HCOS cannot process and pay invoices unless a valid CRC or CRC policy has been confirmed. For more information and to apply for a Criminal Record Check, please contact the HCOS office at office@onlineschool.ca.

4. What are FSAs?

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual, province-wide assessment of British Columbia students’ academic skills, and provides a snapshot of how well BC students are learning foundation skills in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Numeracy. These are standardized tests held for students in Grades 4 and 7. 

These tests are not optional unless students meet a very narrow set of requirements for exemption.

5. How do I access Brightspace? 

Brightspace is your student's online classroom and is a required part of any online or hybrid course. For more information, please explore our Brightspace SOPHIE resources.

6. How do I use the Learning Commons search portal?

The mission of the HCOS Learning Commons is to provide Christian community, discipleship, innovation and literacy to all our patrons and staff. As we purchase our collection of digital and non-digital resources, we try to discern what meets the needs of all our schools from a Christian perspective. 

7. Why should a family value learning a second language?

To find out more information on learning a second language please visit our second language page.

8. What subscriptions does the Learning Commons offer?

Online subscriptions are available to teachers and families through Learning Commons. Check out our Subscriptions SOPHIE chapter to find out more information.

9. How do Student Learning Plans (SLP) work?

The Student Learning Plans (SLPs) are very important documents. It is the first document the Ministry looks at when they check to see if we are following the government guidelines (SLP page).

10. Are there are important dates that we should know?

For specific information about deadlines and due dates please reference the School Calendar for Families.

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