This book is a resource for parents and students in online courses. It is tools, tips and instructions on how to access and be successful in your online course.

Moodle: Forums

The following video aims to answer the question:

How does a student use the Moodle Forums?

Moodle: Logging In

The following video aims to answer the question:

How do I, a student at HCOS or BCOS, log into Moodle?

To summarize for HCOS Students:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Log In Button on the top right of the homepage
  3. Select Moodle Courses
  4. Parents are required to set up their students account in Encom using the information here.
  5. Log in!

To summarize for BCOS Students:

  1. Your login information is sent in your Welcome Letter from the BCOS office.
  2. Either click the link in the email or,
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click the Log In button on the top right of the homepage
  5. Select Moodle Courses
  6. Log in! 

Moodle: Messaging

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How do you use the collaboration tools in Moodle? 

Moodle: Self-Pacing Guide

The following video aims to answer the question:

How does a student use the self-pacing guide?

Moodle: The Course Homepage

The video below aims to answer the question:

What are the features of the course homepage?

Moodle: The Dashboard

The following video aims to answer the question:

How do you navigate the Moodle Dashboard?

Parent Moodle Access

We know tracking student progress through online courses can sometimes be difficult so we have created a way for parents to login to Moodle to view the course, see their progress in each course and a better sense overall of how their education program is progressing.  In Moodle you will be able to view the grades, feedback and progress for your students in all their courses.


Access is tied to your parent account in Encom. You can login to using the same login and password as Encom.

Viewing the Information

Once logged in you will see a list of your students and a brief description.


Clicking the Student Progress Report button will open a page with a table showing all your students and the courses they are in.

Progress Report Table

On this page you can view the progress and grade for your students.  For a more in-depth look you can use the following icons to:

View an activity log showing dates when work was submitted, grades were returned, etc.

View a breakdown of grades and feedback comprising the overall grade.

Student Moodle Access

Moodle is a required part of any online or hybrid course. In addition, some individualized teachers use Moodle as a way to track submissions and documents. The instructions below will walk you through setting up your student's Moodle account for the first time and how to login to Moodle.

Setting Up A Student Account

If this is the first time your student has taken a Moodle course please follow the steps below to create a password for them.

Login to your Parent account in Encom and click on the Student's Account button.



If you do not see Student's Account you can access your student's profile by clicking Student Lists (1) in the upper menu and select Upcoming Students (2) on the left

On the Student Account page you will find your student's Username and a text field to set the Moodle login password for the account. Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page if you make any changes. Updates can take up to 10 minutes. Please wait this period before contacting Tech Support for any assistance.


You can also specify the email address that grading notification and emails from the teacher should be sent to.


You can also check which courses you are enrolled in within Moodle by clicking the blue Moodle Sync Status button. This page only shows the courses your student is enrolled/completed through Moodle. All courses can be seen on the student's course list page. onlinecourseinfo.JPG

Accessing Moodle

Navigate to HCOS' Homepage. In the top right you will see an @HCOS section. Click there.  @HCOS.png
Scroll down to the Quick Access section. Click on Login under Moodle. MoodleLogin.png

Once here, we suggest bookmarking the login page for future access.


If it's your first time logging into Moodle you will be required to complete the online orientation. This is a short module of information for all users about the software and procedures required to complete an online course. Once the orientation is completed your courses will show on the Moodle dashboard.





Viewing Student Moodle Progress

Viewing Student Moodle Progress


Moodle holds a wealth of information to empower parents to be active participants in their students' educational journey. In order to facilitate access to this information we have made it possible for parents to access the following information in Moodle:

  1. Course progress based on the pacing guide setup by the student, based on the teacher’s suggested pacing.
  2. Full grade and feedback review for marked assignments (some quizzes currently do not reflect the feedback. We are working on getting this added).
  3. An outline of a student’s activity in the course (submitted, accessed etc.)


Access is tied to the parent's Encom account. Using the same login and password as you would to log into Encom, you are able to access Moodle via If you are not sure of your login please contact and one of our support team members will help you access your account


Once logged in a parent will see the following: