K-9 Program

Courses Required for Grades K-9

The chart below provides important information for the required courses at HCOS for each grade level.


K to 4

5 to 7


















Social Studies





Language Arts*





PE & Health















Fine Arts***










*Language Arts includes all of the following: Reading, Writing, and Oral Language learning

**Languages includes all language learning that is not a students primary spoken and written language

***Fine Arts can be one of Visual Arts, Music, Drama or Dance

K-9 FAQs

We have enrolled, talked with the Registrar and Regional Administrator, what are the next steps?

Please view our New Families: Eight Steps for getting started in K-9 for more information.

Who is my Regional Administrator?

You can see who your Regional Administrator is on the HCOS Website.

We also have a Middle School Administrator for our grade 5 to 9 online courses, which you can find on the HCOS Website.

When will my support teacher contact me to get the school year started?

Generally, support teachers will reach out to families toward the end of August. They will start by making sure they have your correct email address and then move to ensuring you have resources in place for the upcoming school year as they work with you to build the Student Learning Plan (SLP).

Support teachers may reach out prior to the end of the previous school year, but the majority of communication starts at the end of August. 

How much communication should I expect with my support teacher and online course teacher? 

Communication with your support teacher will take place on a weekly basis and will vary between different forms of communication. HCOS teachers will often communicate over  email, Zoom, SeeSaw, phone calls, home visits, and various other forms throughout the school year. As a parent, you will be responsible for sending in work samples for your child. Your support teacher will reply and be able to provide feedback and open communication with you through this. 

Online teachers primarily communicate with students directly through their feedback on submitted assignments. Parents can reach out to an online teacher at any point via email and at any time during a school year. They also have access to the grades and feedback given through their own Moodle account. 

Am I able to track where my child is at in their online courses or connect with online course teachers?

Online course progress is available for parents to see for each online course their child is taking. This is done by selecting the ‘Online Course Progress’ button in Encom (our data management system), where you can see all online courses and how much has been completed in each course.  

Parents are welcome to meet with online course teachers. Teacher contact information is available  through the Teacher Directory or by clicking on the teacher’s name on the report card tab in Encom.

Do I meet with my support teacher?

Support teachers aim to have at least three home visits a year with their families that are within a reasonable distance (as decided upon with their administrator). These visits are intended to help aid in gathering student work samples, collaboratively building the learning plan for the school year, meeting and (at times) working with students, and general relationship building. 

How do I share work samples with support teachers?

This will depend on whether the course is an individualized course or an HCOS online course. 

For individualized courses, parents send work samples to their support teacher using a variety of tools including, but not limited to, email, SeeSaw, FreshGrade, and in person home visits. 

For HCOS online courses, students submit work online directly in the course and will also upload completed work samples to a management tool called Moodle (which uses a simple drag-and-drop method for adding completed documents)

How is a plan built for my child’s school year?

Your support teacher will work with you to build a Student Learning Plan (SLP) for your child, each school year. The SLP is done collaboratively with the parent, support teacher and the student. It is the support teacher’s responsibility to write this and upload it in Encom (our data management system at HCOS). The SLP will outline the plan for each course for the year and will be worked on throughout September and part of October. Once the SLP is finalized and agreed upon, parents sign in acknowledgement that this is the plan for the school year.  

Will I get to choose my support teacher?

The Regional Administrator (RA) for your area will assign a support teacher to work with you.

Parents can make requests and the RA will take this into consideration when they are assigning a support teacher.

How much funding do I get for resources and lessons?

The amount of funding received will depend on your choice to pay for tuition or not. Please check out this page on Tuition and Bursary: Family FAQs

Are there additional activities and resources for my child at HCOS?

The answer is a big YES! We have a variety of face to face programs available to students and these vary depending on where families live. All options offered in areas around BC are listed on the HCOS Learning Groups website. These range from single events, to longer camps, to full one-day-a-week campus based programs running the majority of the school year. 

We also have many additional, free resources available through our Learning Commons website. This includes books and ebooks that can be signed out, online subscriptions largely paid for by HCOS, Unit Study Kits, resource suggestions for each grade, and other free resources are available throughout the school year.

What is a reasonable amount of time to spend on school work each day?

This largely depends on the age and ability of a student. A very general guideline would be thirty minutes of seated work time per grade for the core academic subjects. For example, a grade 5 student would spend three hours each day working on Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Second Language resources. The other four subjects (Christian Studies, PE and Health, Career Education, and ADST) would be completed largely through activity based learning.

This general guideline needs to be considered as just that, a very general approach as each student will have a learning plan designed to meet their individual needs and abilities. 

Parents are encouraged to review this with their support teacher and online course teacher as they will be able to offer insights and suggestions on how best to organize a work day. 

What is an ‘Individualized’ course?

An individualized course is one that a parent delivers to their child in a home learning program that has the oversight of an HCOS support teacher. For each Individualized course, the support teacher will build the Student Learning Plan, and will gather work samples and provide feedback and assessment throughout the year. Students will receive two report cards a year. 

What is an ‘Online’ course? 

An online course is one that is primarily completed online. Each online course has a subject specific specialist teacher who manages the course, marks and gives feedback on assignments, holds office hours for student support, and gives report card marks and feedback twice a year. 

Online courses are also available in two formats, asynchronous and synchronous

Can I use a combination of online courses and individualized courses?

Yes! HCOS is set up to be flexible: we want to meet each child's learning needs.

We offer online courses from grades 5 - 12 and you are welcome to choose online courses as an option for your child. (We encourage students in grades five to seven to limit their number of online courses and to work with their support teacher when selecting them.)

Does HCOS offer summer school?

Summer school is offered for students in Grades 8 and 9 for asynchronous (self paced) online courses. 

Does HCOS offer a Homeschool Registered Program? 

Heritage Christian Online School welcomes and supports registered homeschoolers by providing some support and parents can check out all the details on the HCOS website on our Homeschool Registered page

K-9 Program Overview

Thank you for your interest in our Kindergarten to Grade 9 Program at Heritage Christian Online School. Outlined below are the options available to you in our school. Our mission is to develop innovative Christ-centered educational opportunities for learners to explore and embrace God's unique purpose. This statement guides what we aim to do as a school in living out our Values and Vision as we work to provide educational support in your home learning adventure.

Enrolled Program

Our main program offered to families for support in their home learning is our Enrolled Program. This program is our fully supported program that partners you with a British Columbia Certified Teacher to build an educational program unique to each student. This is done through the resource budget available to Enrolled families, the building of a Student Learning Plan at the start of the year, and regular assessment and reporting on student progress throughout the year. You can read more here about our Enrolled Program. 

Registered Program

Our Registered Program has been designed for families that desire to provide education for their children at home separate to the guidelines of the British Columbia Ministry of Education curriculum. Registered students receive minimal support from HCOS and you can read more on this at Support for Registered Families . Also, please see our website for more information on what it means to be Homeschool Registered. 

Online Courses

Starting in grade 5, we offer a variety of online courses that students can sign up for to add to their educational programs. The majority of these courses are for the core academic subjects and you can see what we have to offer on our HCOS Courses homepage.

Learning Services

Students in our Enrolled Program have the availability for additional support in our Learning Services Program. This program has been designed to offer additional support for students who may be challenged by concerns with Speech, Giftedness, Reading, Dyslexia, Written Output, Attention, Behaviour, Anxiety, or Sensory Distractions. More information can be found on our Learning Services page.

Learning Groups

Learning Groups at HCOS are open to all of our students and can range from one time activities like a writers workshop to our full-term one day a week Community Connections programs. You can see current activities and programs offered on our Learning Groups website.

Learning Commons

The HCOS Learning Commons is our online and campus based lending library. There is a wide variety of resources available for students to enjoy and add to their home learning programs. The Learning Commons is full of resources like unit study kits, ebooks, online subscriptions, books, webinars, book clubs, and equipment. See our Learning Commons  webpage for more details.

New Families: Eight Steps for Getting Started in K-9


You're signed up with HCOS. You've talked with a Regional Administrator, and your child has been accepted. Here are the next steps.

The purpose of this page is to help new to HCOS families get started in their school year. Hopefully, following this step by step guide will make the start of the new year as smooth as possible for you.

Step 1: Connect with your Support Teacher

Your support teacher is your primary connection to the school. They are responsible for collaborating with you in planning your year. They support, encourage and empower you in your home education journey. Your support teacher will help you choose and order curriculum for the year. They will, also help you with weekly input and guidance and help answer all your questions. Your support teacher will collect work samples throughout the year and will provide formative assessment (feedback). Your support teacher will write report cards for your children and play a large role in your child's educational journey as they work to support you.

Regular communication with your Teacher

It is very important that you work out a system for communicating regularly with your support teacher. The most used options include email, phone calls, texting, and reporting programs such as SeeSaw. The more your teacher knows about the work your children are doing and the areas you need help with, the better they are able to support you. Good, regular communication and relationship building is what makes the Enrolled Program work best.

Step 2: Get into Encom

Encom is our school database. It is where we house student applications, documents, Student Learning Plans (SLPs), report cards, Proof of Work, your curriculum spending account, and more. It's also where you choose any online courses. You will have received your Encom username and password in your "Welcome to HCOS" email (that is an important email to hang onto).

Step 3: Work together with your support teacher to create Student Learning Plans (SLPs) for each of your children.

The Student Learning Plans (SLPs) are very important documents. It is the main document that reflects the education plan for the year for each of your children enrolled and is specific to each student. Collaborating to write the SLP is usually your first contact with the support teacher. It's important to remember that the SLP is a living document, meaning that it can be revisited and revised during the school year. Parents are required to sign off on the SLP once it has been completed.

Step 4: Order your resources and sign up for courses 

How do you purchase curriculum?  Your support teacher can help to guide you through this process.

Vendor Purchases

The HCOS website has a list of vendors who accept HCOS PO#s. After reviewing the resource choices with your teacher, you can order those from one of the approved vendors.

Non-Vendor Purchases

New guidelines have changed how HCOS can process the purchasing of resources from companies that do not accept HCOS PO#s. For more information please see our Curriculum Purchasing Procedures. For a list of vendors which do accept HCOS PO#s please go to our Resource Vendor Directory

For more information, visit Purchasing Process for Parents.

Computer / Tablet Leases

Computers, tablets and iPads can be leased through our computer lease program: Computer On Loan Agreement. Please note that you must obtain your support teacher's approval in order for the lease request to be processed.

Online Courses

If your student is taking any online courses, you can choose courses in Encom using the Course Selection Instructions (note: although this link refers to high school courses, the process is the same for Grade 5-9 online courses). After you do this once, you will need to have your support teacher do any other online course sign up for your students. 

Visit the Moodle: Logging In page if you need assistance setting up your student's Moodle username and password for the first time. Reach out to your support teacher for additional help as needed.

Step 5: Check out the Learning Commons

The Learning Commons is our library. This is where you can find a variety of resources that can add to your home education with minimal to no costs. You can sign out physical books, eBooks, and audio books. We also have unit kits for Science and Social Studies. HCOS pays for many subscriptions, which both enhance and reinforce learning in all subject areas. To find out more information on our subscriptions, head to the HCOS Subscriptions part of the Learning Commons site.

Your "Welcome to HCOS" email will also contain your login information for our Learning Commons. 

Step 6: Subscribe to your region's Learning Groups e-alerts 

We have many Learning Group activities around the province. Everything from writing workshops, robotics, drama, field trips, to one day a week campus programs happens in Learning Groups. It is important to subscribe to Learning Groups for your region so that you will receive notifications of upcoming events. 

Most events can be paid for using your child's resource budget funds.

Step 7: Set a daily schedule

You will find the greatest success if you have a set schedule and location to do your school work.

When scheduling for the year
Schedule your week.

Step 8: Note the important dates 

For specific information about deadlines and due dates please go to our SOPHIE page: Important Dates.

It's useful to have these dates on hand so that deadlines aren't a surprise. 

You CAN do this!!  You're ALREADY doing this. You've been teaching your child(ren) since the day you came home from the hospital. This is just taking another step. Your support teacher and our school are all committed to your success, and most importantly, Jesus is walking with us every step of the way. 

If there are other items that you would see as being useful that we should add to this page, please contact your support teacher or Regional Administrator. 


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