Grad Program General Information Guide

This guide is for families and students entering the Grad Program, or currently in the Grad Program. It outlines different information that will be needed over the course of your study with HCOS!

Additional Support and Resources


We have lots of online subscriptions you can access.  To find your subscriptions login information, go to your parent  homepage in Encom and click on “Curriculum Resources”:


Then scroll down to find the links and passwords to the subscription(s) you are interested in.

Learning Camps/Community Connections

You may sign up for our learning camp e-alerts here. For more info on our Learning Camps and Community Connections programs for the Grad Program, please visit our website. 

Learning Commons

Be sure to visit our Learning Commons and check out all the fabulous resources there!  An excellent source of help is Pippa Davies who is our Learning Commons Librarian.  She can help you with both physical and virtual resources to cover most, if not all, of your curricular needs.

Course Information

To see a list of courses and the teacher for the specific course for the upcoming school year, please click here. There are links on this page for each grade level, 10 through 12.


If at any time you would like a guest pass to view a grade level of our Online Curriculum and Courses, please contact the office ( for a Guest Username and Password. Please make sure that you specify the which grade you'd like the pass for. 


Course Selection Instructions

Course selection for the next school year, is available as of June 1st. 

For example, for the 2018/2019 school year, you are able to choose your courses as of June 1, 2018. 

New Students:

Once your application has been accepted by your Grad Advisor, you or your parent can log into Encom and select your courses. 

Returning Students:

You must have re-enrolled first in order to choose your courses for the next year. 

  1. Log into Encom with your parent user name and password.
  2. Click on the Re-Enrollment icon and follow the prompts. 
  3. Be sure you are in the correct school year by clicking the Calendar icon termbutton.JPG in the top right of the Encom page. You need to insure you are selecting courses for the correct school year. 
  4. Click on the Course Selection button.
  5. Courses that are associated with the grade of the student will appear. For examples if your student is in Grade 11 in the chosen school year, Grade 11 courses will appear. You can use the Quick Search bar in the top left to search the courses, or scroll through the list. 
  6. If you'd like to select a course from a different grade level. Click the Advance Search button in the navigation bar. You can then navigate to a different grade level.
  7. When you've found a course you'd like to add. Click on the icon. You will then be taken to a short description of the course, and some more information. Verify that you are selecting the correct course (online or individualized) and click the Add Course button.
  8. You then need to select the pace at which you'd like to complete the course from the drop down menu provided:
  9. Continue selecting additional courses.
  10. Important: Once you have completed all of your selections, you must Review and Save. If you are not confident in your selections or unfinished, do not click Review and Save. Once you click the option, you are locked out of course selections and will need to contact your Grad Advisor to make additional changes.

  11. Once you have saved your selection, you will then be direct to a page for Resources. If texts are required for any of the online courses you've selected, they will be listed here. The price that appears is what you will be billed if the book is not returned to the office. Ordering them now, ensures they are mailed out to you in a timely fashion. Click on 'Submit' to place your resources order. 
  12. To view the courses for your student, click on the Course List button on the main Encom page. 

Grad Program Funding

This page should answer questions regarding the funding at the Grad program level. If you have additional questions please contact the Director of Grad for more clarification. 

How does the funding work?

The Ministry of Education funds a Grad Program (GP) student per course they take, not as a ‘full program of studies’, which is the process for students in Grades K-9.  This enables a GP student to take courses with a variety of schools (Distributed Learning, campus etc) and each school only applies for the funding that is associated with the courses the student is taking with them.

Example:  Sally signs to takes Math, Planning and Science with Heritage Christian Online School. Once she is considered ACTIVE (completed 5% to 10% of the course as verified by her teacher), the teacher will post an ACTIVE DATE for that course in Encom.  Once the student is active in a course, HCOS sends a request to the Ministry of Education for the funding they provide for those courses. Funding is not requested for a student until they are active. 

Sally also enrolls at a campus school for PE and Drama. The campus school then requests funding for those two courses.

What sort of funding is provided to the parents for curriculum purchases?

Students have two options for course delivery when they are fully enrolled (taking the majority) of their courses with HCOS. Online and Individualized.

  1. Online Course Option: These courses have all their resources provided so there is $0 provided to the parent for curriculum purchases.
  2. Individualized/Hybrid Course Option: These courses require a Student Learning Plan (SLP) created in consultation with a course support teacher.  For these courses, parents are required to purchase the curriculum resources need for the student to earn credit.  HCOS provides $100 per Individualized/Hybrid course.
Why does my funding amount say $0 for my Grad Program student?

This would be because you have not completed course selection for the student or all of the courses on their list are Online (which offer $0 in funding as all resources are provided for your student). Remember, there is $100 per Individualized course. If there are no Individualized courses, there is no funding.

How can I check on my student's account to see the amount that they have?

Log into Encom with your parent access info. This information was originally sent in your welcome email. If you do not have record of it please contact tech support at

Once in Encom, click on “Additional Resources” at the top of the page. additionalresources.PNG


My student is taking two individualized courses (Music 10 and PHE 10) so I have $200 of curriculum funding available. Can I use it for a gym pass?

Yes, as your purchase is needed to support PE 10 outcomes. Note: All expenses must correlate with a course on the student's list and be listed on the course SLP. 

Is there a limit to how much I can use for consumables and third part vendors (lessons etc)?

Yes, if you have the funding available in your student's account, there is a government regulation cap of $600. 

Can I pool family curriculum amounts and pay for an invoice for one student?

Yes, as long as you keep in mind the $600 limit for consumable or third part vendors. If you have any questions about this, please contact the office at 

How do I spend my student's available funds?

Once the office has received all your student's required documentation, they will issue your student a Purchase Order Number (PO#). You can see your student's PO# in Encom, in their profile. You can then use this PO# to order from any of our resource vendors. Invoices for lessons are processed by the school and can be submitted after November 1st of the current school year. 

Note: The school can not reimburse parents directly so make sure all your purchases and invoices are processed by PO# or vendor invoices sent to the school office. 

All vendors must have a Criminal Record Check on file with the office in order for us to pay their invoice. 

How is my student's funding account affected if they withdraw from an Individualized course they decide not to take?

If, at any time during the year, an Individualized course (activated or not) is removed from your student's course list for the year, the resource funding for that course is also removed.

HCOS does their final request for funding at the end of April. What if my student does not get an active date for an Individualized course by then?

If you student does not get an active date in an Individualized course by the end of April, Encom will automatically withdraw the student from the course because we can no longer request funding for the school year. As a result, the $100 associated with that course will also be removed from the student's funding account. 


If you have any additional questions, please contact your Individualized Course Support teacher, Grad Advisor, or the Director of Grad. 

Monitoring Progress and Official Reporting

Your Student's Schedule

Each of our dedicated Course Specialist teachers are there to support your student in their learning journey. Teachers can help set up course schedules, but it is best that you as the parent collaborate with your student to decide on the best schedule. 

At the Grad Program level, each courses roughly takes 100-120 hours of work. Be sure that the schedule takes this into account. Generally, students should be dedicated 25-30 hours per week for their course work, with addition time required for reading and research. This time allotment is standard for completing 4 courses per semester (an 18 week period). 

Course Progress in Moodle

Be sure you know your student’s Moodle User Name and Password (this can be set up in Encom). Until you are sure your student is on pace, please log in every week to monitor your student’s progress.  When you log in, their home page will give you a quick overview of their progress and grade. Click on either one (Progress or Grade) and more details will show up:


The system will tell you if your student is off pace. First the progress line below the course name will go yellow, then red when your student is seriously behind. Yellow is usually temporary and not too serious but when the line is RED, you should be hearing from their teacher.  Hopefully, you catch issues before things get this far!


You or your student should always contact the teacher if they need assistance, or would like to reset their schedule. They are there to help!

Proctored Exams

For some core courses, a support teacher may request a student write a supervised Proctored Exam.  This is at the teacher’s discretion and the student and parent will be notified by the teacher.  At that time, the teacher will also inform the parent and student about the process of proctoring and how that exam mark is weighed.

Official Report Cards

If your student has an Active Date (done 10% or more in a course) they will receive a term report card until they are done. Term report cards are posted in Encom in November, end of January, mid-April, end of June, and if the student is doing summer session, mid August.

In Encom, there is the option to print out the report if you would like a paper copy.

If you do not see a report for a course your student is active in, please contact their support teacher.

Ministry of Education Official Transcripts

We regularly submit final grades to the Ministry of Education and they post them onto the student transcript usually about 4 weeks after the school has submitted. Students can check on their transcript here. If you have any questions about your transcript, please contact your Grad Advisor or the Director of Grad. 

Grade 12 students can also request a copy of their final transcript at the same web-page above. 

Note: you will need your PEN (Personal Education Number) in order to order your transcript. This can be found in Encom. If you need assistance, please contact your Grad Advisor. 

Moodle Account

Moodle is a required part of any online or hybrid course. In addition some Individualized teachers use Moodle as a way to track submissions and documents.   The instructions below will walk you through setting up your student's Moodle account for the first time and how to login to Moodle.

Setting Up A Student Account

If this is the first time your student has taken a Moodle course please follow the steps below to create a password for them.

Login to your Parent account in Encom ( and click on the Student's Account button.



If you do not see Student's Account you can access your student's profile by clicking Student Lists (1) in the upper menu and select Upcoming Students (2) on the left

On the Student Account page you will find your student's Username and a text field to set the Moodle login password for the account.Remember to click Save Changes at the bottom of the page if you make any changes.  Updates can take up to 10 minutes. Please wait this period before contacting Tech Support for any assistance. accountinfo.jpg
You can also check which courses you are enrolled in within Moodle by clicking the blue Moodle Sync Status button. This page only shows the courses your student is enrolled/completed through Moodle. All courses can be seen on the student's course list page. onlinecourseinfo.JPG

Accessing Moodle

Navigate to HCOS' Homepage. In the top right you will see a Log In icon.