General Information


At Heritage Christian Online School we tend to use a lot of acronyms. Here is a chart to let help you understand the common acronyms that we use often.




BC Online School


Distributed Learning


 The data base used for tracking all students


Foundation Skill Assessment


Home School


Heritage Christian School


Heritage Christian Online School


Individual Education Plan (written for children with SE funding and/or learning exceptionalities)


Kelowna Christian Centre Society


Learning Services


Special Education


Student Learning Plans



Administration and Staff Contacts

Welcome to HCOS. The following administration and staff members are here to help you and your student have a successful year! 

Academic Head of School

Business Head of School

Sara Kraushar

Craig Kwiatkowski

Director of K-9 Program Jeff Laird 
  • Contact Jeff Laird regarding K- 12 Individualized Program, i.e. Enrollment, Support Teacher, etc.
  • Contact Claire Pollok at regarding Registered Home Learners
Director of Grad Program Chelsea Bitgood
  • Contact Chelsea Bitgood regarding Course Selection and Enrollment, Graduation Requirements, Provincial Exams and Assessments   
Director of Special Education

 Calvin Johnston

  • Contact Calvin Johnston regarding any questions or concerns regarding our Special Education Program
Director of Technology

Jeremy Tjosvold 

  • Contact Jeremy Tjosvold regarding any questions or concerns regarding Technology
Director of Resources and Reimbursement Administrator   Ted Gerk

  • Contact Ted Gerk regarding reimbursements and course funding.
  • Contact Carole Chobot regarding enrolment documents.
Technical Support  Caleb Block

Phone: 1-877-862-2375

  • Contact Caleb for computer support or questions regarding username and password for Encom 
BCOS Program Administrator Delayne Cama Moroka 

  • Contact Delayne Cama Moroka if you have questions regarding crossed enrolled courses through BCOS. 

    Middle School Online Course Administrator - Grant Wardle 
  • Contact Grant Wardle for questions about middle school online courses

 HCOS informative website at

The Heritage Christian Online School website is a very useful website. It is through this website that you will log into Encom to find such useful information as your child’s Student Learning Plan, Report Card, your curriculum resource budget and the provincial learning outcomes. It is also through this website that your child will log into Moodle if he or she is doing an online course.

On our front page we keep you up-to-date on any important announcements and important due dates. There are quick links to Learning Camps, Co-ops, Community Connections, the newsletter, new enrolment application etc. 

Under Program Details you will find in-depth information about our Grad and SE programs. 

The Family Resources button gives you information about curriculum, our resource packages, and lists of vendors, learning outcomes, discussion forums, and the learning commons (our enhanced virtual and physical library.) 

Finally the School Info spot takes you to our staff room, where you will find a picture and a biography of each of our staff. If you are interested in being a teacher with us, then this is also where you will find that information. 


Contact Us

General Contact information

Local Phone: 250-862-2376

Toll Free: 1-877-862-2375


Tech Support: 1-877-630-TECH (8324)

Tech Support Email:

Fax: 1-250-762-9277

Mailing Address: 

905 Badke Road

Kelowna, British Columbia

V1X 5Z5

School Administration




Sara Kraushar

Academic Head of School

Craig Kwiatkowski

Business Head of School

Jeff Laird     

Director of K-9 

Calvin Johnston

Director of Special Education

Chelsea Bitgood

Director of Grad Program

Jeremy Tjosvold

Director of Technology

Delayne Cama Moroka

Director of BCOS & ICOS

Ted Gerk

Director of Operations

Christine Loewen

Director of Learning Groups

Pippa Davies

Director of Learning Commons

Richard Bitgood

Director of StudyForge

Bill Marsh

SE Business Director

Lee Maclennan

Director of Visual Design

Carmen Timmermans

Director of Learning Services





Steve Codling

Regional Admin - Lower Mainland East

Jinhee Choe

Regional Admin - Lower Mainland East

Jeff Laird

Regional Admin - Interior

Nicole Terpstra

Regional Admin – Island

Nancy Gullason

Regional Admin – North

Pat Mackesy

Online 5-9 Admin

Cynthia Duncalfe

Curriculum Consultant

Learning Groups
Grad Program




Eric Vanee

Grad Adviser - Lower Mainland East

Tara Klukas

Grad Adviser - Lower Mainland West

Ryan Titley

Grad Adviser - Island

Diana Mohninger

Grad Adviser - North

Anthony Kuchma

Grad Adviser - Interior

Special Education




Heidi Giesbrecht

Regional Admin – Lower Mainland

Philippa Moir

Regional Admin – Interior

Steve Bastian

Regional Admin – Island

Carol Wicks

Regional Admin – North

Allison Miles

LS/SE  Grad Admin

Ryan Titley

Adult Grad Advisor

Lorinda Bedard

EA Administrator

Liz Poplawski

SE Office Manager

Learning Services




Alison Ellis

Regional Admin – Island

Denise McLaughlin 

Regional Admin – Lower Mainland

Michelle Nimchuk

Regional Admin – Interior/North

Marcia Mishchenko

Consultant - Lower Mainland

Nola Morgan

Consultant - Island

Elaine Rodwell

Consultant - Interior

Destiny Ward

Consultant - Interior/North

Office Contacts




Aubri Reid

Accounts Payable & Purchasing Manager

Donna Perret

Purchasing Lead

Carole Chobot


Bailey Edwards

Data Manager

Caleb Block

Technology Support Specialist

Luana Brooks

Human Resources

Learning Commons




Cynthia Duncalfe

Curriculum Consultant

Shandra Wiebe


Justine Dehod


Beth Johnson

Subscriptions Facilitator

Rachael Rennie

Unit Study Developer

Kelly Wiebe

Shipping and Receiving

Erin Duncan

Library Assistant & Contests Moderator

Safety for at Home Learners


Fire, Earthquake, Lockdown and other emergencies can happen at any time or place. Just because a student is learning from a home environment doesn't mean they are free from danger. Emergency preparedness helps students and families be ready and act in ways which will give the best chances of survival during and emergency. 

Emergency Preparedness 

Students and families need to be prepared and know how to handle and respond to emergency situations.  Families should prepare and practice for the following:

Fire Drills- 6 times per year
Earthquake Drills- 3 times per year
Lockdown Drills- 2 times per year
Other emergency situations (determined by location e.g. forest fire, flooding etc.) 
This information is taken from 


Heritage Christian Online School designed SOPHIE to be a central resource that houses procedures and helpful information for staff members and families. SOPHIE is actually an acronym which stands for 

Standard Operating Procedures & Helpful Information Encyclopedia.  

SOPHIE works best if you view it like a library. There are Books available and within each of the books are chapters and pages. The chapters titles provide a general overview of what type of information will be found on the pages within.

For Example:

Please note that chapters are orange and individual pages are blue.

However, the one down fall of this library analogy is that SOPHIE was not necessarily intended to be read like a book (from cover to cover and page to page). And that is where the word "Encyclopedia" is important. SOPHIE has a variety of information and so we encourage families to use SOPHIE like an Encyclopedia, to pop in and find the specific information they are looking for and to pop back out. To help locate a specific topic, use the search function located on the top right-hand side. Our hope is that SOPHIE can answer and provide some information to general questions that you may have. 

Tips and Tricks to Search in SOPHIE:

  • Use 1-2 key words 
  • Use "quotation marks" to narrow the search 
    • Example: "Course Preview"



Online Course Preview - Guest Pass

If your family would like to preview an online course before committing to it as a part of their education plan, they have the option to receive a five day pass to preview the course. 

Families can send an email to to request access. Please let the office know what grade and course they are looking for and the office will send them a link for a five day pass. 

Unintended Consequences - Presentation from Phil Hills at RenewED 2019

Phillip Hills is the Executive Regional Director for ACSI Western Canada.  The HCOS staff welcomed him to speak as a keynote at our RenewED 2019 conference.  


Unintended Consequences - How our Digital Lives are Erasing our Identities
Presented by Phillip Hills, August 2019

Vaccination Reporting Regulation

BC's new Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation has been updated and HCOS will continue to provide student lists to the Ministry of Health as requested. HCOS will not be requesting or tracking the vaccination status of students.

To view the latest information of what is required of Heritage Christian Online School by the BC Government, please see here.

If you have any further concerns regarding this please contact Ted Gerk, our Privacy Officer.


10 FAQs for Back to School


1. How do you lease a computer/tablet/iPad? 

Our computer lease program is available. For more information and forms please visit here.
Please note: You must obtain your Teacher's approval in order for the lease request to be processed.

2. How do you purchase new curriculum?

New guidelines have changed how HCOS can process the purchasing of resources from companies that do not accept HCOS PO#s. For more information see here. For a list of vendors which do accept HCOS PO#s please go here.  For more information visit Purchasing Process for Parents.

3. Do Lesson Providers need a Criminal Record Checks (CRCs)?

A reminder to HCOS Parents and all lesson providers: Provincial Regulations now mandate a Criminal Record Check (CRC) for anyone providing lessons to our students. Organizations need only provide a letter, on official stationery, that a CRC Policy for all staff and volunteers is in place.

Individual Lesson Providers MUST have a CRC done through the Ministry of Justice (RCMP CRCs are not acceptable). HCOS cannot process and pay invoices unless a valid CRC or CRC policy has been confirmed. For more information and to apply for a Criminal Record Check, please contact the HCOS office at

4. What are FSAs?

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual, province-wide assessment of British Columbia students’ academic skills, and provides a snapshot of how well BC students are learning foundation skills in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Numeracy. These are standardized tests held for students in Grades 4 and 7. 

These tests are not optional unless students meet a very narrow set of requirements for exemption.

5. How do I access Moodle?

Moodle is your students online classroom and is a required part of any online or hybrid course. In addition, some individualized teachers also use Moodle as a way to track submissions and other documents. For steps on how to access Moodle click here.

6. How do I use the Learning Commons search portal?

The mission for the HCOS Learning Commons is to provide Christian community, discipleship, innovation and literacy to all our patrons and staff. As we purchase our collection of digital and non-digital resources we try to discern what meets the needs of all our schools from a Christian perspective. Here is more information for returning patrons.

7. Why should a family value learning a second language?

To find out more information on learning a second language please visit our second language page.

8. What subscriptions does the Learning Commons offer?

Online subscriptions are available to teachers and families through Learning Commons. To find out more information on specific subject related subscriptions, click here.

9. How do Student Learning Plans (SLP) work?

The Student Learning Plans (SLPs) are very important documents. It is the first document that the Ministry looks at when they are checking to see if we are following the government guidelines (SLP page).

10. Are there are important dates that we should know?

For specific information about deadlines and due dates please go to our SOPHIE page: Important Dates 2019/2020

Student Support Centre (Grade 7-12)

Student Support Centre (SSC) is a Online-based universal support provided by an EA in Literacy or Numeracy and is offered to students needing assistance in grades 7-12. It is important to note that you do not need a referral for this, you may access the SSC at any point throughout the year. 

  • academic courses - comprehension, higher level thinking, step by step instruction
  • executive functioning (organization, planning, time management)
  • course pacing and accountability
  • navigating Moodle, Study Forge and Encom
  • building confidence due to anxiety or insecurity
  • motivation
How to initiate support
Talk to your teacher, LS consultant or GA to set up the first meeting to get to know the EA, then help the family schedule their next few sessions on calendly.
Support is offered via Skype/Zoom and students must be willing to download the program, schedule a meeting time and attend the service. 

SSC Hours


Deanna Laity


Jeewon Yoo

For more information, please look at: