Enrolled Program Overview

HCOS will discuss the variety of support services, the responsibilities for families and also miscellaneous information during the initial interview.

HCOS Support

Your Support Teacher will:

Resource Budget

Learning Commons

Learning Groups

Curriculum Consultant 

Curriculum Packages

Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) Testing

Online courses 

Parent Responsibilities:

Documentation to be sent to HCOS office

Weekly contact with support teacher


Enrolled vs. Registered

This page provides more information on the differences between enrolling and registering a student(s). 




For an overview of what resources are available for Registered vs. Enrolled students, please visit LC registered vs. enrolled

For more information on the difference between enrolling and registering your student(s) please see this document.

How to Re-Enroll at HCOS

This page highlights the process in which you will need to know when re-enrolling at HCOS.


PO Numbers for 2020/2021, if applicable, will be issued and can be used on April 27, 2020, the week of HCOS Connect.

If you have any questions, or need assistance in this, please contact Carole in our office.

Please note: If you are one of our Registered families you will need to contact your Regional Administrator or the HCOS Office (Toll free: 1-877-862-2375) or email to go through the re-registering process. 

Instructions for Enrolled DL Patrons

Purchase Order Numbers or PO#s

When you receive a Purchase Order Number (PO#):

Once a child is enrolled at HCOS, they will be issued a PO# once all of the required documents been received by the office.

The office requires:

The PO# - used to order resources

Families will receive a PO# from the HCOS office and it is accessible in a student's Encom account. The PO# is used with HCOS Vendors on their websites (HCOS Vendors) or through our Curriculum and Lesson Order Forms (found under the 'Curriculum Resources' tab at the top of a student's home page in Encom. The Curriculum and Lesson Order Forms are used to order resources from non-HCOS Vendor websites and are subject to date restrictions (Lessons only after October 1st of the current school year and Curriculum orders are suspended for the month of July each year)

Budget deadlines and amounts:

The budget for K-9 Students enrolling before September 30th of the current school year (and haven't attended any campus school during the week prior to September 30th) is as follows:

K-9 students enrolling after the end of September pay $0 tuition and receive a $200 resource budget.
K-9 students enrolling after the second enrollment deadline in February pay $0 tuition and don't receive a resource budget.

For K-9 families, the PO# can be used as soon as it is in Encom and it is recommended purchases be made in consultation with:

Students in grades 10-12 pay the following for courses (a resource budget of $50 is available for Individualized Elective Courses only):

Teacher’s Role in the PO# process:

Reimbursement for own dollars spent:

A parent can not be reimbursed for any resource/lesson purchases made out of their own pocket.