Foundation Skills Assessment - FSA

The Foundation Skills Assessment is an annual, province-wide assessment of British Columbia students’ academic skills, and provides a snapshot of how well BC students are learning foundation skills in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Numeracy. These are standardized tests held for students in Grades 4 and 7. 

These tests are not optional unless students meet a very narrow set of requirements for exemption.

HCOS will be administering the tests. Here is some information to help you and your child prepare for the tests.

There are four categories of testing; the testing in total takes about four hours. Here are the categories which are tested:

The reading comprehension and numeracy components consist of multiple choice and written-response questions. The writing component consists of two writing tasks – one extended (longer) piece, one focused (shorter) piece, and a set of math problems, where the child needs to show their work. The multiple choice questions are done online. You will be mailed a booklet with the writing component.

The written tests will be marked by teachers from HCOS and the results sent to the support teacher.

The results will look something like this:

FSA Questions and Answers

What does FSA stand for? FSA stands for Foundation Skills Assessment and this test is given to all students in BC enrolled in grades 4 and 7.
What subjects are tested? The student is tested in Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math Numeracy.

What is an invigilator?


An invigilator is a person responsible for supervising a test. The invigilator for the FSAs is either a teacher (in our case, with HCOS) or any person the administration deems as unbiased. This can be the parent of the child. 

What time is involved for each test?

The time varies from test to test 


  • Reading Comprehension 
    • Part one: Collaboration 10-15 minutes
    • Part two: 30 minutes 
  • Writing   
    • 30 minutes  
  • Numeracy                                           
    • 30 minutes 
  • Online Reading: 60 minutes
  • Online Numeracy: 60 minutes

Total time less than four hours.


FSA - Confirming Mailing Address

In order to ensure families receive the Foundation Skill Assessment (FSA) packages mailed out to grade 4 and 7 students, it helps tremendously to have mailing addresses in Encom up to date. 

Please make sure to update the student mailing list (not the parent one). Thank you.

Here is a quick set of directions on where to check this and how to make any changes needed:

1. login to Encom (please ask your support teacher if you are unable to)



2. Select My Contact Information in the top menu bar 



3. Scroll down to 'Mailing Address' (NOT Home address) and make sure it is correct for where your children will be receiving the FSA package.

It is important you state where you are currently living as we send FSA packages via email to families living outside of British Columbia at the time of writing.



4. Pleas click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the screen if you updated your Mailing Address. 









Interim Grade Reports

In addition to two formal reporting periods, Heritage Christian Online School has developed an Interim Grade Report (IGR) to ensure families are aware of any challenges or concerns regarding their child’s progress between reporting periods. 

About the IGR:

How it will look:


Parents will receive an email with a PDF of the IGR when a teacher creates it, and can view it in Encom via the Interim Grade Report Button

Parent Sign-off for Student Learning Plans (SLPs)

Directions for SLP Parent Sign off

1. Log into Encom. If you have forgotten your password, please choose the "Lost your password?" option.


2. Read through your child's Student Learning Plan (SLP) to ensure it reflects your child's learning plan for the year. The SLP is a fluid document and should be updated throughout the school year. 


3. Once you've reviewed the SLP, please click the SLP Parent/Guardian Sign-Off. 6EfActive_Term_Student_List.png

4. You can view the SLP directly, by clicking the green Student Learning Plan button at the top of the page. SLP_Sign-Off_for_Aaron_Bitgood__Grade_2.png

5. When you are ready to sign the SLP, please type your name into the Parent/Guardian Full Name, declaring that you collaboratively created the SLP in conjunction with your Support Teacher. 

6. Then sign your name by typing your full name into the Legal Signature box. 

7. Click Save SLP Sign off.