Discrimination Protection Policy

The safety and well-being of children in our school is of paramount consideration.  Children deserve to be protected from abuse, neglect, bullying, harm or threat of harm.  Therefore, HCOS staff and teachers will ensure that children attending our school experience a Christian learning environment that enables every child to know they are special because they are created in the image of God and should feel safe, accepted and respected.

HCOS is involved in ongoing work and training to ensure students feel respected and connected with our community.  This includes protection of our students' physical safety, social connectedness, and inclusiveness, as well as protection from all forms of bullying, regardless of their gender, race, culture, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, while remaining consistent with HCOS' faith-values, cultural perspectives and philosophical values.

Strategies and activities are used within our school to enable students to feel safe, accepted and respected. The following suggestions are provided to facilitate a conversation on strengthening the learning environment for children.

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