Flex Academy Codes of Conduct

Flex Academy Codes of conduct, terms and definitions

Athletics Code of Conduct


Our aim is to have Athletics be a meaningful part of students' school experience and
our school community as a whole. As such, we uphold strong values within for our sports teams
and fans.

The Athletics Code of conduct can be found here, and here is where you can find information on concussions.

Flex Academy Code of Conduct Terms and Definitions

See the Flex Academy Community Values and Code of Conduct for more information

Restorative Justice/Restorative Practise

Restorative practice is the preferred way Flex Academy manages discipline issues and conflict.  

Restorative Practices are based on a set of values that align with the core values of Flex Academy.  These values provide a basis for responding to incidents in a way that meets the needs of individual students, and is centred around the following values and beliefs:

When an administrator becomes aware that a student has been harmed, an investigation occurs, and appropriate consequences are given.  In certain situations, it becomes apparent restorative practice is the best way to meet the needs of students, staff and parents. Restorative Justice seeks to be socially and emotionally intelligent justice. Below is a table of differences between the classic retributive model (not preferred) and the restorative model preferred by Flex Academy.

Retributive Model Restorative Model
Behaviour violates policy or code of conduct Behaviour violates people - relationships and school community
Focus on offence Focus on the obligation of the offender to make amends
Punishment is decided externally Plan for making amends is decided by those who are affected by the incident
Offenders defined by deficits The offender is defined by their capacity to make positive change and amends with the victim(s)
Focus on the offender and incident Focus on victim and reconciliation of all parties
Focus on removal of offender from class/school Focus on reintegration of offender with necessary supports

Discipline is intended to promote positive and healthy social and group behaviour development.  This involves rising expectations that coincide with students' age and maturity.

Some examples (in no particular order) of possible consequences that may be considered when students demonstrate problematic or serious behaviour are:


Suspension is not allowing a student to attend regular class instructional sessions, which includes completing classwork via alternate means for the duration of the suspension.

Suspensions may be:

Administrators of schools may suspend a student when:


An expulsion is an administrative decision to withdraw a student from the school due to unresolved or ongoing serious behavioural concerns. Expulsions can be on a student or family level, depending on the nature of the concerns.

Administrators of schools may expel a student when:

An expulsion can be appealed to the school’s Board of Directors.

Flex Academy Community Values and Code of Conduct

For background information, see the Flex Academy Code of Conduct Terms and Definitions page.

The details in this code of conduct are not exhaustive but provide a view of acceptable conduct and how we approach conflict and behaviour that is out of sync with our core values.

Purpose & Rationale

This Code of Conduct has been developed to provide parameters around our expectations of Flex Academy students and Community members. The Flex Academy Learner, Teacher and Staff Profiles and Core Values provide a foundation for this code of conduct.

Flex Academy Learner Profile

A Flex Academy learner is a reflective and adaptable thinker who is inquisitive, discerning, and full of wonder at God's world, courageous and sustained by hope with a merciful, humble, and empathetic heart, and an advocate who is responsive to the needs of others, serving to have an impact on a world in need of redemption.

Flex Academy Core Values

Academic Success - Engaged Lifelong Learners
We aim to inspire every student to become a passionate learner who reaches towards their personal best while continually seeking out opportunities to grow. Our goal is that students leave Flex Academy having developed the skills and tools to remain discerning lifelong learners.
Integrity - Authentic Christ Followers
One of the definitions of integrity is the quality or state of being complete or undivided. We believe this wholeness can only be found in Christ. Our desire for our students and, by extension their families, is to walk in the fullness of an authentic relationship with Christ within a supportive community that prays together, challenges each other and shares life together.
Relationship - Intentional Supportive Community
Responding to the needs of our families, we develop a variety of opportunities for students to connect, to learn together and to build supportive community. Our teachers and staff pray for, encourage and come alongside our students and families as we partner with them in their academic journey.
Flexibility - Personalized Learning Choices
Just as every student is unique, their learning should be as well. We value creating individualized learning plans for every student that are designed to provide a flexible and tailored education, empowering and supporting parents as we partner with them. We strive to create innovative opportunities, including individualized home education, any-pace online courses, community-building face-to-face learning groups, cross-enrolled options and much more.
Conduct Expectations

At Flex Academy, our entire community – including staff, students, volunteers, and parents – is responsible for ensuring Flex Academy is a safe, supportive, and inclusive school. Behaviour that falls within our core values and learner and teacher profiles looks like the following:

 At Flex Academy, we commit to being respectful, loving, gentle, humble, kind, patient, hard-working and self-controlled as we engage with Christ-centred, flexible, innovative educational opportunities. We also commit to having fun with each other and building genuine relationships!

The following are examples of behaviours that are in sync with our core values:

Problematic Behaviour

Some behaviours demonstrate a lack of willingness or ability to sync-up with our core values and community profiles.

The following kinds of behaviours result in consequential responses from Flex Academy in the form of parental involvement, restorative meetings, academic probation, or loss of privileges.

Flex Academy teachers and administration take an educational, skills-based, supportive and partnering approach to help students reach toward their full potential. Consequences become more serious if it becomes apparent that a student or family is unwilling to work with Teachers, Staff or Administration.

Serious or Dangerous Behaviours

Some behaviours demand serious responses from the Flex Academy Administrative team, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the behaviour.

 In all cases, a restorative approach to discipline is preferred whenever possible.

 Serious responses include removal from class, suspension, restorative justice, and in some cases, expulsion from Flex Academy.

Behaviours that will bring about a serious response from Administration include, but are not limited to:

Family Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the entire Flex Academy community to ensure our school is a safe, caring, inclusive and orderly school. For families, it is of the utmost importance that teachers and staff and Flex Administration are treated with dignity and respect. We expect our Staff to do the same toward both students and families.

There is no room for bullying and harassment within the Flex Academy community.

Any parent or guardian who berates, swears at, yells at, intimidates, threatens, bullies or harasses a Flex Academy staff member will be at risk for withdrawal of their student(s) from the school.

A parent or guardian who disrespectfully treats a staff member may also be prevented from entering the school premises until reconciliation takes place between the parent and staff member. 

Teacher and Staff Responsibility

Flex Academy Teachers and Staff are committed to exemplifying the Flex Academy Teacher and Staff profiles.

A Flex Academy Teacher is
growing in WISDOM,
and continually REFLECTING on their practice,

PASSIONATE about learning,

while partnering with the families and learners they SERVE.

A Flex Academy staff member is
growing in WISDOM,
and continually REFLECTING on their practice,

PASSIONATE about learning

who demonstrates TECHNICAL PROFICIENCY, 
while partnering with the teachers, students, families, and colleagues they SERVE.

Foundations (K-5) Behaviour Management

Level 1 Behaviours

Classroom Level Discipline

Level 2 Behaviours

Administration Level Discipline

Level 3 Behaviours

Administration Level Discipline


Minor Unkindness to other kids – faces, exclusion, etc.

Physical Horseplay

Minor Disrespect

Minor Defiance

Disrespectful language (teasing, etc)


Irresponsible/Unsafe Choices

Dress Code Violations (see DC policy)

Minor misuse of technology

Late for class after recess/lunch

Repeated Level 1 Behaviours **

Inappropriate Language (swearing, etc)

Threatening Behaviour

Ongoing Defiance

Truancy (absent from class without reason)

Digital Misuse of Technology

** Contact will be made with parents to try to resolve the situation before a student is referred for Level 2 discipline

Repeated Level 2 Behaviours

Violent Act – hitting, shoving

Extreme Threats/Threatening Language

Abuse toward staff and school community

Repeated Truancy Incidents

Level 1 Tools

Level 2 Tools

Level 3 Tools

Connect before you Correct

Non-verbal & Verbal Cues


Re-teach behavior

Move within classroom

Taken-aside Discussion

Removal from Classroom 

Incident Form – sent home at the discretion of the teacher – always sent to Admin 

  • Incident Form, Phone Call/Email Home to Parents, MUST take place before moving onto Level 2

Reflection & Collaboration in making a plan to address/solve the undesirable behaviour between admin, teacher and parents

Meeting (parents, admin, teacher, student) -

Restoration (apologies etc)

Loss of privileges fitting to the circumstance

  • Extracurricular

  • Digital Devices (in class / LC)

  • Field Trips


Meeting (parents, admin, teacher, student)




  • In-school

  • Out-of-school


Innovations (Gr. 6-12) Behaviour Management

Level 1 Behaviours

Classroom Level Management

Level 2 Behaviours

Admin Level Management

Level 3 Behaviours

Admin Level Management

Teacher Led

Teacher Led w/ Admin Supp.

Admin Led

  • Interruptions

  • Reluctant/Non Producer

  • Physical Horseplay

  • Minor Disrespect

  • Minor Disrespect for property

  • Inappropriate language  

  • Dishonesty

  • Irresponsible/Unsafe Choices 

  • Displays of Affection

  • Dress Code Violations (see DC policy) 

  • Minor misuse of technology

  • Repeated Level 1 Behaviours

  • Threatening Behaviour

  • Defiance

  • Off Campus

  • Vandalism

  • Truancy

  • Misuse of Technology

  • Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty

  • Failing to Attend Level 1 Consequence 

  • 3 Lates in a one week period

  • Repeated Level 2 Behaviours

  • Violence

  • Drug/Alcohol Use and Abuse

  • Gross Misconduct (see handbook)

  • Abuse toward staff and school community 

  • 3rd Truancy Incident

  • 3 Level 2 late consequences in one quarter

  • Plagiarism/Academic Dishonesty on Major Assignment

Level 1 Procedures:
Removal from classroom and reflection form 

o Purpose - To give cool down time and create a means of tracking situations and communication

o Provide option of waiting till the end of the block or immediate return after form is completed 

o Forms are to be completed by the student, returned to the teacher, and the teacher must scan and email to Mike

o Removed students are to be sat outside of the classroom, on the floor, and are to finish the form and wait for the teacher to make contact 

Communication home

o It is crucial that students and parents are informed of the situation to understand we will try to manage as much as possible in class. The best way to build respect and preserve the relationship between the teacher, student(s), and class is to find resolution without the administration stepping in. Admin is still available to help, but only when the situation warrants.

o Regardless of the number of incident forms, the teacher must make contact with the guardian and receive a reply before the admin is involved. These communications must be tracked and should cc or be forwarded to Mike.  

Note: In order to move from level 1 to 2, contact must be made by the teacher with the student’s guardian(s) preferably by both email and phone call. Admin must be given a record of this progression with corresponding incident form(s), record of communication(s), and management strategies used. 

**The goal is to maintain the relationship between the teacher, student(s), and parent(s) without admin intervention.

Tools to aid the intervention of each level:

                Level 1 Tools 

Level 2 Tools 

Level 3 Tools

Non-verbal & verbal cues 

Move within classroom 

Taken-aside for discussion 

Serving classroom (cleaning boards, gym, put up chairs, etc) 

Temporary removal of digital devices 

Owed time * 

Removal from classroom & reflection  form 

Classroom detentions * 

Contact home to parents, MUST take place before moving onto Level 2 

Academic probation 



Lunch-hour detentions x 2 

Academic probation 

Loss of off-campus privileges 

After school study hall 

Lunch hour study hall 

Loss of privileges 

Off campus 



Access to WiFi 

Digital devices 

Field trips 

Allowance of study blocks







Behaviour Management Flowchart

Substance Abuse Policy


At Flex Academy, we encourage students to make the healthiest choices possible.

Energy Drinks

Due to the health risks involved, energy drinks (e.g., Red Bull, Rock Star, Monster, etc.) are not allowed at any time.

Tobacco and Cannabis

No person is permitted to smoke, use, or hold any tobacco or cannabis product at any time, including when participating in or attending school-sponsored events and field trips whether on or off the school campus or while in or on any building or land that is owned, leased or rented by the school. Flex Academy acknowledges its legal obligations to act in accordance with Section 2.2 of the Tobacco & Vapour Controls Act. This prohibition also applies to any vehicles on school property.

No student is permitted to smoke, vape, or otherwise use or hold any tobacco or cannabis product at any school-sponsored or school-related events, even if the events are held off school property.

All persons who are not school students will be requested not to smoke, vape, use, or hold any tobacco or cannabis products in the presence of school students at school-sponsored or school-related events held on or off school property.

Students engaging in prohibited behaviour will be subject to the stipulations of the student discipline policy.

School employees engaging in prohibited behaviour will be subject to the stipulations of the employment agreement regarding employee code of conduct violations and the HCOS Workplace Impairment Policy.

Mitigating Risks

Flex Academy will: